WEEKLY RATE – Rates Reverse Course


Interest rates hit their highest levels in 4 months last week. Starting on Friday, we finally saw some strength in the bond markets which have helped rates reverse course.

The Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) market closed the past 3 days up + 33 bps after finishing higher the past few weeks.

Currently 30 Year Fixed rates are still in the 3%’s paying a portion of a point.

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Below are today’s interest rates.  Have a great week!!


30 year fixed:       3.875% – .99 points (4.08% APR),       4.125% – 0 points (4.18% APR)

20 year fixed:       3.75% – .67 points (3.88% APR),     3.99% – 0 points (4.03% APR)

15 year fixed:        3.25% –  .99 points (3.44% APR),        3.625% – 0 points (3.65% APR)

5/1 ARM:        3.375% – .88 points (3.53% APR),     3.875% – 0 points (3.92% APR)    

30 year fixed FHA:        3.875% – .87 points (4.74% APR),     4.125% – 0 points (4.82% APR)

15 year fixed FHA:        3.75% – .99 points (4.25% APR),     4.125% – 0 points (4.42% APR),    

30 year fixed VA:        3.75% – .99 points (3.95% APR),     4.125% – 0 points (4.17% APR)

30 year Fixed Jumbo:     3.875% – .88 points (4.05% APR),     4.125% – 0 points (4.17% APR)

7/1 ARM Jumbo:        3.25% – .91 points (3.44% APR),     3.625% – 0 points (3.66% APR)

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WEEKLY RATE – Rates Reverse Course

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