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May 2018 – Team Green’s Newsletter

MAY 2018





Interest rates moved up some in April after staying stable for the majority of March.

We discuss these topics and more in Team Green’s May Newsletter.  Have a fantastic May!!


We’re really trying to enjoy the weather before it gets scorching here in Arizona.

Lots of playing outside along with my son playing baseball 3 times a week.  















I’m lucky that I live a mile from my office so I’ve been skateboarding to work when I don’t need my car for meetings.

Life is pretty good.















My wife got to enjoy 2 weekend girlfriend trips this month to Dallas and Austin – She’s so lucky J

While I also made a quick trip to Salt Lake City for a Manager’s meeting and the last snow board ride of the year.

We also got to enjoy a Gatbsy party for a family member’s birthday.

It was fun getting dressed up 20’s style and my wife looked smoking hot!!









We decided to throw a Country themed week at our branch in April.








The goal was to listen to Country music all day and have some fun with some songs, our dress,   dances, and skits.

We accomplished our goal – check out some of our videos below.




















I’ve always liked seeing funny chalk board signs in front of bars and restaurants.

I liked them so much, I decided to get one of our own and we’ve been having some fun with that too.















Lastly, we are hiring – if you know anyone looking to be a part of a great culture and team, please have them give me a call.

Have a fantastic May!!

Please call us if we can help with any home purchase or refinance needs.

We are licensed in AZ, CA, CO, WA, MI, and GA.



Mortgage rates slowly climbed higher in April after staying relatively stable during the end of February and through out March.

This broader trend is likely to continue which makes waiting to buy or finance a home very costly.

In the Phoenix market – we are seeing a combination of higher interest rates and home appreciation due to low inventory and high demand.

This is a double hit against people entering the home buying market as their payment is going up in 2 ways.

The chart below is a good indication of why we are urging buyers to not wait if they really plan on buying.

**The rates are a bit old but this does give a good illustration of the cost of waiting**



For a no obligation mortgage quote, please call us or go to:







To apply for a refinance or home purchase loan, please call us or go to:








If you would like a MORTGAGE QUOTE by email, please answer questions below to teamgreen@fairwaymc.com:


-What are your goals for a new loan – lower payment, cash out, payoff sooner, etc:

-Type of loan you would like – 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, ARM, etc:

-Full Address of property (including city, state, and zip):

-Estimated Value of Home:

-Current Loan Amount (1st and 2nd separately if you have multiple mortgages):

-Do you want to escrow your taxes and insurance into your payment:

-Are you a Veteran:

-Where do you think your credit scores are today:


-What state and county are you planning on buying in:

-Estimated Purchase Price:

-Loan Amount you would like to finance:

-What type of loan would you like – 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, ARM, etc:

-Do you want to escrow taxes and insurance into your payment:

-Are you buying a primary residence, vacation home, or investment property:

-Are you a Veteran:

-Where do you think your credit scores are today:

Have a fabulous May and please call me any time if I can help with anything!!





I’m so excited to announce the newest addition to our team – Brian Johnson.

Brian Johnson is an amazing hire for Team Green and I want to tell you why:

#1 – Brian is a Vegan. He will help us relate better to our Vegetarian/Vegan borrowers and referral partners.

Many teams go after a Spanish Speaking LO first. We went after a Veggie Eater first.


#2 – Brian has over 14 years of experience and was brought up in the mortgage business by his Dad, who is a highly successful mortgage originator in California.

Now when you work with Team Green, no one you talk to will have less than 13 years of experience ( at that’s me at 13 years 😦 )


#3 – Lastly, Brian is truly one of the smartest loan officers I’ve ever met. He is very gifted at memorizing all the guidelines and he will be a huge resource for our team.

Team Green just got a lot smarter (though, we weren’t that bad to begin with).

Brian Johnson simply makes our team better.

And that’s what it’s all about.

Welcome to Fairway Brian – we’re awfully glad to have you.

#brianjohnson, #veganlender, #teamgreen, #fairwayindependentmortgagemccormickranch

WEEKLY RATE – Fannie Mae Increases Debt To Income Ratio Limit to 50%

WEEKLY RATE – Fannie Mae Increases Debt To Income Ratio Limit to 50%

The big news this week is Fannie Mae’s implementation of DU version 10.1.

With DU 10.1, more borrowers will be able to qualify for a Fannie Mae conventional mortgage.

The most notable change is the increased max debt to income ratio to 50%.











If you were unable to qualify for a loan in the past due to debt to income ratio, please reach out to us. We would love the opportunity to look into this again for you.

Other notable changes are:

  • Easier approval for borrowers with disputed credit tradelines
  • ARM LTVs up to 95%
  • More self employed borrowers will be approved to use 1 year tax returns
  • Time Shares will no longer to be considered mortgages


Interest Rates Continue in Narrow Range Close to 2017 Lows

Interest rates continued to trade in a narrow range at or close to the lowest levels of 2017.

The Mortgage Backed Security Market closed last week trading up + 22 bps. Currently, well qualified borrowers are still able to get a rate in the 3%’s for less than a point.

I expect rates to continue in this narrow range for the time being barring an unforeseen event.

As always, have an amazing week and we’re always available if you need help with a new home loan purchase or refinance.


Jenn Patel / Senior Loan Officer: 480-818-3769

Reggie Green / Branch Manager: 480-206-5577




For a no obligation mortgage quote, please answer questions at right or go to:






To apply for a refinance or home purchase loan, please call me or go to:








I am a top 1% mortgage originator in the country with 13 years of experience.

My team treats every transaction as an audition to earn your business for the rest of your life.

Our customers always come first and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have a great product and a great mortgage experience. 

Below are today’s interest rates.  Have a great week!!


30 year fixed:       3.99% – .73 points (4.15% APR),       4.125% – 0 points (4.18% APR),   4.375% – $0 costs (4.375% APR)

20 year fixed:       3.75% – .85 points (3.86% APR),     3.99% – 0 points (4.05% APR), 4.25% – $0 costs (4.25% APR)

15 year fixed:        3.25% –  .97 points (3.44% APR),        3.625% – 0 points (3.76% APR),     3.99% – $0 costs (3.99% APR)

5/1 ARM:        3.5% – .94 points (3.69% APR),     3.875% – 0 points (3.99% APR)    

30 year fixed FHA:        3.875% – .99 points (4.77% APR),     4.25% – 0 points (4.95% APR),     4.625% – $0 costs (outside of FHA Fee) (5.32% APR)

15 year fixed FHA:        3.75% – .91 points (4.23% APR),     4.125% – 0 points (4.42% APR),    

30 year fixed VA:        3.875% – .86 points (4.04% APR),     4.125% – 0 points (4.17% APR),     4.5% – $0 costs (4.5% APR)

30 year Fixed Jumbo:     4.0% – .53 points (4.1% APR),     4.125% – 0 points (4.18% APR),        

7/1 ARM Jumbo:        3.25% – .96 points (3.44% APR),     3.625% – 0 points (3.69% APR)

Reggie Green, Team Green, and Fairway Independent Mortgage in Scottsdale, Arizona, McCormick Ranch, are dedicated to providing all the best mortgage products and customer service to assist you in your home purchase or refinance in Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, Georgia, Michigan and Virginia. Below are the products and Mortgage Rate Sheets we offer for fixed mortgages, ARM mortgages, Variable Mortgages, Interest Only Mortgages, HARP mortgages, HARP 2.0 mortgages, HARP 3.0 mortgages, DU Refi Plus Mortgages, Freddie Mac Open Access Mortgages, Fannie Mae Home Path Mortgage, Freddie Mac Foreclosure Relief Mortgage, VA mortgages, VA Interest Rate Reduction Loans, FHA mortgages, FHA streamline refinance mortgages, Conforming mortgages, Conventional Mortgages, 100%  Financing Mortgage, High Balance Mortgages, Fannie Mae mortgages, Freddie Mac Mortgages, No appraisal refinance, 0 point mortgages, 0 closing cost mortgages, paying a point mortgages, Refinance mortgages, purchase mortgages, and Jumbo Mortgages.  Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.  Team Green.  Reggie Green.  FairwayAZ, Fairway McCormick Ranch, Fairway Mortgage.  August 8th  2017 30 year fixed rates, August 9th 2017 30 year fixed rates, August 10th 2017 30 year fixed rates, August 11th 2017 30 year fixed rates, August 12th 2017 30 year fixed rates, August 13th  2017 30 year fixed rates, August 14th 2017 30 year fixed rates, August 15th 2017 30 year fixed rates.

WEEKLY RATE – Fannie Mae Increases Debt To Income Ratio Limit to 50%

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