The Overly Metrosexual Mortgage Banker – Reggie Green

The Overly Metrosexual Mortgage Banker – Team Green.
When Only a Metrosexual Mortgage Will Do.
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Testimonial Tuesday – Team Green



























Thank you Wendell for the awesome review. We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your family.
This one was a doozy to say the least. We definitely couldn’t have done this without your document prowess!!

Team Green would love to work for you as well. Customer Service is a way of life here and how we built our business.
Find out the Team Green difference and work with one of the most reviewed lender teams in Arizona.

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Jenn Patel is available all weekend for your home loan questions, prequalifications, marital advice, spiritual guidance, and knitting mastermind sessions.  

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Let’s Get Prequalified, Prequalified!

This one’s for the people that love the 80’s.
In all seriousness, one of the first steps in searching for a home should be to get prequalified for financing if you are not buying with cash.
Far too often we see customers looking at homes that exceed a comfortable payment or are out of their price range. Within a short period of time, we can prequalify you and get you rate, payment, and down payment options for your scenario.
This way you know what you are working with and are focusing on homes that you can not only purchase, but also have a payment and down payment that you are comfortable with.
We would love the opportunity to work with you.
Call us today at 480-206-5577.
Or get a fast and easy mortgage quote at http://www.freemortgagequote.biz.
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Testimonial Tuesday – Team Green


It’s always awesome when our clients take the time to review our team online.  Joanne started with me last year but we were not able to qualify her at that time.

She put in the work required and 7 months later boom – we were able to complete the loan she wanted.

Thanks Joanne for your business – we appreciate you trusting us to refinance your 2nd home.

Communication is a key component in our team’s philosophy on customer service.  We have a system of updating the client every Monday and Thursday.

This is not an automated update, but a real update from us on exactly what is happening with their loan – good or bad. 

I believe this is one of the main reasons why we get so many happy clients and repeat customers – great communication.

Thanks again Joanne and great job Jenn and Jo – killing it.

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Team Green Testimonial.
Thanks again for your business and the great testimonial David. Congratulations on your new home. Thanks to my awesome team who gets the loan closed and keeps the client updated through out the process. #teamgreen, #fairwaymortgagemccormickranch.
I would without any reservations recommend Reggie’s team to anyone looking to buy, refi, or any other home financial needs. Reggie has put together an impeccable team of experts that I had the pleasure to work with. Reggie, Jennifer and Jolyn walk you through the whole process and respond to questions immediately. They are genuine, professional and fun to work with. Their knowledge of the home financial industry is the best I have encountered. Reggie’s spirit is infectious. He’s very compassionate about his clients. Thank you Reggie for all your help. Oh and thanks to the Maricopa Sheriff and Buckeye Fire Departments for rescuing me..without them Reggie may have been missing a client.

Thank you David!!

So happy for our client David who closed on his home loan yesterday. David drove in from Colorado the other night and was confronted with his first flash flood and Arizona monsoon. He had to call 911 to get a sheriff out to his campsite and assist him in leaving. #welcometoarizona
David, our team truly appreciates you trusting us to get your home financed. I wish you and your dog the best of luck at your new crib.
Also, great to work with Rob Conway at Charity Real Estate, Meritage Homes and Carefree title. Awesome team work!!
TeamGreen@fairwaymc.com , 480-206-5577
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Congratulations to the Trans – We appreciate your business!!

Congratulations to our awesome clients the Tran’s who just closed on their new build home in Scottsdale. The Trans were originally denied by a builder lender but we were able to use some creative financing to make it work. Thanks for the awesome review and congrats on your new home!!
Reggie was very helpful and was always available when ever we need to have our documents explained to us. He seems to work 24 hours and sometimes we really need to have his help in the off hours.
Reggie ensures that we closed on our home in time for our trip out of the country. He was on top of all of the paperwork’s and was able to get us done timely. He’ll definitely get our referral and future businesses.
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WEEKLY RATE – Interest Rates Hovering At Recent Highs

It’s true, mortgage rates have drifted higher but since rates have moved in such a narrow range since January, rates aren’t really much higher than they have been.

On Friday, mortgage interest rates were fluctuating near 3 month highs, but were only about .125% higher than the 8 month low.  So the trade range has been narrow. 

Last week the Mortgage Backed Security Market (MBS) closed the week -26 bps.  This week, we are finally getting some positive traction with the MBS market trading up + 9 bps on Mondya and + 13 bps as of Tuesday morning.

Currently, most borrowers will have to pay slightly over a point to get in the 3%’s on a 30 year fixed conventional loan.  And slightly less than a point to get a 4.125%. 

I expect rates to continue in this narrow range barring an unforeseen event.

As always, have an amazing week and I’m always available if you need help with a new home loan purchase or refinance.  teamgreen@fairwaymc.com ; 480-206-5577. 

For a no obligation mortgage quote, please answer questions on right of webpage or go to:








To apply for a refinance or home purchase loan, please call me or go to:








I am a top 1% mortgage originator in the country with 13 years of experience.

My team treats every transaction as an audition to earn your business for the rest of your life. 

Our customers always come first and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have a great product and a great mortgage experience. 

Below are today’s interest rates.  Have a great week!!


30 year fixed:       4.125% – .74 points (4.27% APR),       4.25% – 0 points (4.29% APR),    4.5% – $0 costs (4.5% APR)

20 year fixed:       3.875% – 1 point (4.07% APR),     4.125% – 0 points (4.17% APR),  4.25% – $0 costs (4.25% APR)

15 year fixed:        3.375% –  1 point (3.57% APR),        3.75% – 0 points (3.79% APR),     4.125% – $0 costs (4.125% APR)

5/1 ARM:        3.5% – .99 points (3.7% APR),      3.875% – 0 points (4.07% APR)    

30 year fixed FHA:        3.875% – 1 point (4.77% APR),      4.25% – 0 points (4.95% APR),     4.625% – $0 costs (outside of FHA Fee) (5.32% APR)

15 year fixed FHA:        3.75% – 1 point (4.25% APR),      4.125% – 0 points (4.42% APR),    

30 year fixed VA:        4.0% – .79 points (4.15% APR),     4.25% – 0 points (4.29% APR),     4.5% – $0 costs (4.54% APR)

30 year Fixed Jumbo:     4.0% – 1 point (4.2% APR),      4.25% – 0 points (4.29% APR),        

7/1 ARM Jumbo:        3.375% – .83 points (3.54% APR),      3.625% – 0 points (3.69% APR)

Reggie Green, Team Green, and Fairway Independent Mortgage in Scottsdale, Arizona, McCormick Ranch, are dedicated to providing all the best mortgage products and customer service to assist you in your home purchase or refinance in Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, Georgia, Michigan and Virginia.  Below are the products and Mortgage Rate Sheets we offer for fixed mortgages, ARM mortgages, Variable Mortgages, Interest Only Mortgages, HARP mortgages, HARP 2.0 mortgages, HARP 3.0 mortgages, DU Refi Plus Mortgages, Freddie Mac Open Access Mortgages, Fannie Mae Home Path Mortgage, Freddie Mac Foreclosure Relief Mortgage, VA mortgages, VA Interest Rate Reduction Loans, FHA mortgages, FHA streamline refinance mortgages, Conforming mortgages, Conventional Mortgages, 100%  Financing Mortgage, High Balance Mortgages, Fannie Mae mortgages, Freddie Mac Mortgages, No appraisal refinance, 0 point mortgages, 0 closing cost mortgages, paying a point mortgages, Refinance mortgages, purchase mortgages, and Jumbo Mortgages.  Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.  Team Green.  Reggie Green.  FairwayAZ, Fairway McCormick Ranch, Fairway Mortgage.  July 11th  2017 30 year fixed rates, July 12th 2017 30 year fixed rates, July 13th  2017 30 year fixed rates, July 14th 2017 30 year fixed rates, July 15th 2017 30 year fixed rates, July 16th  2017 30 year fixed rates, July 17th 2017 30 year fixed rates, July 18th 2017 30 year fixed rates.




Always great to get a nice review from a repeat client. Thanks Tim – we really appreciate you trusting Team Green on your 1st and 2nd transaction with us. Thank you for your business!! #builtoncustomerservice, #teamgreen, #fairwayindependentmortgagecorporation, #fairwaymortgagemccormickranch, #scottsdalemortgageteam, #arizonamortgage, #wedomortgages.

Reggie and his team are the best refinance team you could ask for!!!!!
We were updated on the progress and were treated like family!!! I would recommend Reggie and his team to anyone looking to buy or refinance a property!


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