Down Payments for First Time Homebuyers

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For a first-time homebuyer, a mortgage down payment can seem like the most difficult part of purchasing a home. Many first-time homebuyers have fewer savings to put toward a down payment or have debt from student loans or credit cards. As your Fairway mortgage planner, I am here to help you through every step of purchasing your first home. I hope to make saving for and understanding down payments easier for you.

Let’s start with the basics: What is a down payment? If you are unable to pay for a house in cash, a mortgage company provides financing in the form of money you borrow from a lender. The down payment is the initial payment made on the property, while the balance of the home price is financed. For example, if you purchase a home for $100,000 and borrow $90,000 (90%), you would put a $10,000 (10%) down payment on the house.

As a homebuyer, the size of your down payment is up to you. Many programs that allow for a lower down payment — or, in some cases, no down payment or down payment assistance — are available to first-time homebuyers. Additionally, you can use “gifted funds” for your down payment. Gifted funds are funds given to you by your parents or another eligible relative. I am happy to tell you more about the guidelines for this type of down payment.

Depending on which loan program you choose, if your down payment for a home is less than 20%, many lenders require that you purchase private mortgage insurance, or, PMI. As your mortgage planner, I can be a valuable resource for analyzing your finances and helping you decide how much home you can afford as well as how much money you should put down.

If you have not already started saving for a down payment, follow these tips.

I would love to talk with you soon about purchasing your first home. Call me today to learn more.


Reggie G is on call this weekend for Team Green

is on call this weekend for Team Green.
You can reach Reggie G at 480-206-5577 ,
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For a few hours this weekend – Josh Hartson is being a trooper and taking my on call duties after 4:00 pm on Saturday.
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Reggie G:

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-Loves helping people purchase a home

Have a fabulous weekend, and Team Green is here to help.


Spooky Sales Tips To Market Homes At Halloween

Spooky Sales Tips to Market Homes at Halloween

October 9, 2018 8:50 am

If you are selling your home this Halloween season, you can attract potential buyers by capitalizing on increased holiday traffic in your neighborhood. It’s also an excellent opportunity to talk with your neighbors about friends who are interested in moving into your neighborhood.

Be generous with the candy and use the following techniques to market:

  1. Treats & Info – Children love the treats that Halloween brings. Be prepared to hand out candy to kids, as well as water bottles or adult beverages to parents. At the curb and near your front door, be sure to have fliers about the house, along with information on any “open house” events you plan to host.
  2. Be ready to show visitors your house – Invite interested folks into your home to look around. Have some kid-friendly activities on hand to keep trick-or-treaters busy while parents explore your home. They may not stay long, but they may have time to ask some questions and get a quick overview.
  3. Be conservative with décor – Don’t go overboard when it comes to Halloween decorations. A few festive touches are fine; just leave the inflatables and over-the-top décor for another time. A Halloween wreath and mums and pumpkins on the porch are some great ideas.
  4. Remove decorations in a timely manner – Once Halloween is over, make sure to take your decorations down promptly. Leaving decorations up for weeks after Halloween could devalue your home and make it look unkept.

Ask your Realtor for more marketing tips! He or she will be more than happy to offer advice on staging your home to make the most of the Halloween season. If you are interested in purchasing a home or refinancing, call me to discuss your financing options.

Article provided by Fairway’s team at Motivator – thank you!!

Thanks Tommy Mello and A1 Garage Door Services

Thanks Tommy Mello and A1 Garage Door Services for giving me the opportunity to speak to your employees about the home prequalification process and the benefits of home ownership.

It was awesome to see what your team has built.

Congrats on all the success and thanks for the opportunity!!

FYI – I think sales profits would go up if you put a better looking guy on your trucks.

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I’m excited to sponsor Career Night at KW Realty Phoenix on Wednesday, October 17th.
Please join us if you are interested in a career in real estate.
Kelly Henderson is an awesome speaker and is passionate about helping agents acheive their personal and financial goals.
I’m excited to listen and learn.
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Team Green’s Scrappy Vets

Team Green’s Scrappy Vets

In honor of Major League Baseball’s postseason, we would like to highlight our team members in the industry the longest.

Hopefully this doesn’t give away how old we are.

Team Green, We Do Mortgages


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Team Green’s Scrappy Vets

Fairway Independent Mortgage – Zillow Review Comparison

Pretty cool when you can send out an email like this.
Blessed to work for a company with so many great people committed to superior customer service.
More 5 star Zillow reviews than Quicken Loans and Wells Fargo combined – pretty astonishing that Fairway does this with less volume and less advertising than both.
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Team Green’s September 2018 Newsletter

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MOVING IS EASY WITH FAIRWAY  <!–Published by –> <!––>

Moving into a new home is exciting but can be daunting! The last thing that you want to worry about when you are up to your ears in boxes is your home loan. Fairway makes moving easier by communicating with you every step of the loan process to alleviate your lending stress. You can also count on me for connections you may need when it comes to moving, so please don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations on everything from movers to insurance agents to local hotspots. I pride myself in knowing the area well, so consider me a resource if you should need anything.

Here are some great tips on managing potential moving stressors and making moving easy.

Before you move:

  1. Begin by completing a change-of-address form from the post office.
  2. Send your new address to any publications to which you subscribe, as it may take up to eight weeks for the change to become effective.
  3. If you are changing not only homes, but also communities, contact the local Visitor’s Bureau or Chamber of Commerce for materials about your new town.
  4. Pack a special box (or several) with essentials for your first few nights in your new home since it will probably take a few days to begin unpacking. These essentials will likely include prescription medicines, toiletries, clothing, towels and bed linens.

Once you have arrived in your new home:

  1. Locate the nearby emergency services, including police stations, fire stations and hospitals.
  2. Take a tour of your neighborhood to become familiar with your new surroundings and learn the best routes to work, school, the grocery store, etc.
  3. To ease stress, try choosing one room and make it a place of refuge for you and your family. Turn it into a cozy space free of unpacked boxes, empty cartons or anything else move-related.

Moving can be difficult on children. Make sure to discuss as a family how it is normal to miss your old home; then, share your feelings. Talk through the positive (and even negative) aspects of moving to a new house. Try to maintain family routines, especially since children will appreciate the continuity of family life. Be sure to keep everyone busy and involved to make the new home feel like a project in which they play a part. Allowing children to help select new furnishings and decorations for their room will help them feel more at home.

Remember that I am here to help with whatever you need during the homebuying process, and I would love the opportunity to refer you to services that will make your move easier.


480-704-4890, Team

Moving is Easy with Fairway

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