Home for the Holidays – Discover the Season’s Best Real Estate Bargains


Average interest rates across the country surged to 8% and then came down substantially on the afternoon of Monday 10/23.  

Average interest rates started Monday 10/23 at 8.07% but ended the day at 7.91%.

That’s a huge swing in one day.

The Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) market is down -90 bps since our last weekly update.

Average interest rates started Monday 10/23 at 8.07% but ended the day at 7.91%.

Below is Mortgage News Daily’s average interest rate across the country as of 10/23/23. 

Below is the Green Home Loans rate sheet today.

There are a lot of characteristics that go into a mortgage rate – credit score, investor, loan to value, loan amount, costs, etc.

Please call me to go over your specific scenario so we can price your loan out accurately.


This is probably the worst time in the world to purchase a home, right?

Let’s ask my friend Google what he thinks.

Hey Google, what season is historically the best time to buy a home?

Interesting.  Very Interesting. 

So why in the world is this?

The answer is quite simple.  Purchasing something when other people are not will typically get you a better deal.

It’s supply and demand economics.

Homes being put up for sale will usually slow during the Holiday Season, but since demand is lower, houses will typically sit on the market for longer.

This will cause housing supply to increase.

An increase in supply at the same time demand is down = lower prices or better terms.

If you want to purchase a home and can stomach home shopping while most people are focused on other things, you could just celebrate the Holidays with a screaming deal on your home.

Here are 6 reasons why you may want to purchase this Holiday Season versus waiting until Spring and Summer when the rest of America is looking to purchase.

  1. Motivated Sellers: Many people who list their homes for sale during the holiday season are often motivated sellers.

They might need to sell quickly, perhaps due to a job relocation or financial reasons.

This motivation can work to your advantage, potentially leading to more favorable negotiation terms and prices.

  1. Less Competition: Since the holiday season is traditionally a busy time for people with holiday preparations and festivities, there is typically less competition among homebuyers.

This means you might face fewer competing offers and less pressure to engage in bidding wars, giving you a better chance to secure a property at a reasonable price.

  1. Lower Prices: Sellers who list their homes during the holidays may be more willing to negotiate on the asking price.

As the market slows down, sellers may become more flexible with pricing and terms, potentially leading to cost savings for buyers.

  1. Tax Benefits: Purchasing a home toward the end of the year can have tax benefits.

Depending on your local tax laws, you may be able to deduct property taxes, mortgage interest, and other expenses when you file your tax return for that year.

Consult with a tax professional to understand how this may apply to your specific situation.

  1. Faster Closings: Because there are typically fewer transactions occurring during the holiday season, lenders, real estate agents, and other professionals

involved in the home buying process may have more availability and quicker response times. This can lead to a faster and smoother closing process.

  1. Potential for Deals: Real estate professionals and sellers may be more inclined to offer incentives during the holiday season to attract buyers.

These incentives can include covering closing costs, providing home warranties, or including additional appliances or furniture in the sale.