Behind the Scenes Look : How Mortgage Brokers Secure Better Deals


It’s been a mixed bag with mortgage rates over the past 7 days.

The market has been very volatile on a daily basis, but has evened out over 7 days.

See Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) end of the day trading numbers over the past week.

Monday:         -38

Friday:           +20

Thursday:      -56

Wednesday:   +35

Tuesday:        +55

More and more FED members are publicly speaking that a pause in rate hikes is the most likely scenario moving forward.

This is welcome news and I now expect the FED to not raise the Federal Funds rate at their next meeting.

Could this be the events we finally need for mortgage interest rates to eventually come down?

September’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation numbers came out.  Month over month inflation increased .4% and is now at 3.7% year over year.

The Core CPI which strips out food and energy is at 4.1% year over year.

Although the FED didn’t raise the Federal Funds Rate at their last meeting, their commentary on interest rates being higher for longer and many in the FED openly talking about another rise in rates in 2023 is shaping the market.

Below is Mortgage News Daily’s average interest rates across the U.S. as of 10/16/23.

Below is the Green Home Loans rate sheet today.

There are a lot of characteristics that go into a mortgage rate – credit score, investor, loan to value, loan amount, costs, etc.

Please call me to go over your specific scenario so we can price your loan out accurately.


When you work with a direct lender, they have one rate sheet that they are pricing your loan with.

The Direct Lender has secondary market professionals that adjust their rate pricing based on profitability and other factors such as underwriting capacity, etc.

These margins can be changed at any time and the Mortgage Originator at a direct lender has no control over these changes.

As a Mortgage Broker, we shop the market for you.

Every wholesale lender changes their margins just like a direct lender.

The difference for a Mortgage Broker is if one lender ups their profitability margin thus increasing their rate pricing, we can simply pick another lender that is pricing better.  We do the shopping for you, thus we have the ability to pair you with the lender that is offering the best deal.  

Below is an example of us pricing multiple lenders with the ability to give our consumer the best pricing available on the market on any given day.

With mortgage rates at the highest levels in 20 years, would you rather work with a Mortgage Professional that has control over the rate pricing they are offering, or a Mortgage Professional that has no control over the product the end consumer is getting?  


According to this survey by, more and more potential homebuyers are considering purchasing a home with family members to help with rising costs.

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