Inflation Drops to 4%, Will Rates Follow…


Mortgage rates had an up and down week over the past 7 days.

Current interest rates are very similar to last week.

Below are average interest rates across the country according to Mortgage News Daily.

And below is Green Home Loans Rate Sheet.

Notice that we are significantly lower than the national averages. 

We are writing this report as of the morning of 6/13 and there are 2 important reports on the horizon.

The CPI inflation report is coming out as we are writing this update.

The expectation was the headline inflation number will drop from 4.9% to 4.2%.

And Core Inflation to drop from 5.5% to 5.3%.

JUST IN:  Inflation dropped to 4% and Core Inflation dropped to 5.3%.

This is a large drop, and we expect interest rates to drop because of it.

Interest rates follow inflation, and we expect the inflation numbers to continue to come down.

The inflation number is made by adding 12 months of monthly numbers to get a yearly inflation number.

Inflation was very high last Summer so the high numbers will be replaced by much lower numbers this year.

This is why we are so certain that inflation will come down. 

The FED also starts their meetings, which culminates in a press release and news conference, on Wednesday.

Most are expecting the FED to “skip” raising the Federal Funds rate this time to analyze more data before their July meeting. 

Below is a good article on the FED move and what they are looking at in their decision making:


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