Market Expects FED to Raise Rates 25 Bps


Average mortgage interest rates across the country ticked up another .14% over the past 7 days.

The average interest on a 30 year fixed conventional loan is now 6.73% and with that rate customers are usually paying discount points.  

Below is the Green Home Loans Rate Sheet compared to the national average.

We expect the FED to raise the Federal Funds Rate another 25 bps on Wednesday, May 3rd.

Of more importance to Mortgage Rates is the hints the FED gives on future actions. 

When will the Federal Funds Rate hikes slow or stop? 

We also have the April U.S. Jobs Report coming out on Friday, May 5th, which can have a major effect on mortgage rates.

Lastly, the day Barry Habib has been pointing at for months (May 10th) is finally almost upon us.

Barry expects that the inflation averages will finally start to show the full effect of the Fed’s policy.

Mortgage rates follow inflation, so if inflation drops rates should improve.


While the FED’s rise in rates doesn’t correlate directly with Mortgage Rates, it does directly affect the rates and payments of

consumer debt like auto loans, credit cards, personal loans, etc.  These payments are the highest levels we’ve seen in years.

Many clients have a lot of equity in their home and want to use it to pay off high consumer debt.

The problem is that many clients have first mortgage rates they don’t want to touch.

We have a New Program called the 5 DAY HELOC that can help a lot of consumers.

We can have clients fill out a quick application and we would execute a soft pull on their credit.   

We can then forward a link to our client to qualify, pick out terms, and fund a HELOC in 5 days without an appraisal.

If you are struggling with consumer debt payments or want to explore using your equity for additional cash to pay off expenses,

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Mortgage rate improvements in Quarter 1 of 2023 have led to more and more buyers engaged and actively looking to purchase. 

Active buyers have increased in every region of the country and with the higher demand comes increased competition and more seller leverage.

We are also seeing homebuying take longer with the increase competition and low inventory.