Today’s Interest Rates and Housing News


Rates have stayed in pretty narrow range since last week.

Many are concerned that higher rates are on the horizon with higher inflation numbers and the FED tapering their bond purchases

Interest rates are determined by the bond market.  When bond prices go up – interest rate pricing gets better.

Now the FED has purchase bonds for a long period time now, which helps keep interest rates low.

If the FED stops purchasing, bond prices would likely go down triggering a rise in rates.

The good news is that the members of the FED have mixed feelings regarding tapering their bond purchases.

It’s likely that the FED will continue it’s current bond strategy until they see several months in a row of strong economic data.

I still feel that rates will remain low but will slowly increase over the next few years.


Based on March’s Case Shiller National Home Price Index – National Home prices went up annually 13.2%.

The Phoenix metropolitan area has led the way for the 22nd straight month with appreciation of 20%!!

The appreciation levels we are seeing today are at the highest levels in 15 years.

The last time these numbers were higher happened in December of 2005.

The important thing to relay to your clients is that even though homes are appreciating at record levels,

a home mortgage payment is usually cheaper than renting and we are happy to show this breakdown to them by pulling average rental rates in the area they are looking.

Real Estate still remains America’s choice as the best long term investment.


The amount of cash buyers in the market place has increased to 25% of closings and 33.5% of non first time home buyers.

This is making it more difficult for first time homebuyers and FHA/VA loans to be accepted.

We do everything possible to help our clients get their offer accepted including Pre-Approving our clients.

A Pre-Approval means an underwriter has reviewed the income and assets of a client, and the client is approved pending an accepted offer and appraisal (if needed).

Fairway Independent Mortgage has over 50,000 5 star online reviews – more than any other lender that we have researched.

We strongly believe our prequalification / preapproval helps your clients get their offer accepted.

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Patty Hooks is On Call 5/22 – 5/23

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Today’s Interest Rates & Housing News – 5/19/2021

Before I get into today’s interest rates and housing news, I wanted to address something I’m seeing a lot of.


Many buyers are getting frustrated by the competition and leaving the market.

We have an awesome tool you can use to show real numbers on buying verse renting in a specific area.

If potential clients can see the huge benefits of buying, you may be able to hold them from entering into a new long term lease.

Below is something I can create and cobrand to you.  


The below example is buying a home for $500,000 in zip code 85258 putting 10% down

Versus renting in the same area based upon average rental rates.

The home payment is cheaper in year 1 and with rent rates increasing, it continues to be cheaper.

Over 10 years, your client:

Would save $66,748 just in lower payments.

Gain $211,213 in appreciation based on a 3.99% Appreciation rate

And gain $92,651 in equity by paying down the loan.

If they sold in 10 years, they would gain $317,940 after all costs.

I love this tool and I would be happy to create this for you. 


Below are Today’s Interest Rates.

Interest rates have remained relatively stable and are very similar to the prior week.   


In April, residential home starts went down 9.5% for all housing and 13% in Single Family residences

Primarily due to construction delays based on increases in lumber costs and other building supplies.

This is a tough hit with inventory levels already so low.


Over 2.16 million households are in a forbearance plan, which is a modified or suspension of a mortgage payment.

Over 1 million of these forbearance plans are scheduled to expire in May and June of 2021, which could create some additional listing opportunities for agents.

Homeowners that utilized a forbearance plan and can not go back into making regular mortgage payments could provide much needed inventory to the market.

They will have equity in their home and should be able to sell their home at all time highs.

Jeff Quincey is On Call 5/15 and 5/16

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