Now Hiring a Loan Officer Assistant


Looking for an experienced Loan Officer Assistant to work with our guy

“Pbow, the Senator, Post-It Pat, Maverick, Burger Destroyer, Papa Poutine, Three Putt”

Benefits of working with Patrick outside of him being a fantastic Loan Officer.

👃 If you delight in classic cologne scents, Pat still believes that Drakkar Noir is where it’s at
🌺 If you adore flowers, PBow has 3 floral button up shirts he rotates whenever he has a meeting.
😂 When in need of comedic relief, Patrick can be caught having a Tourette’s episode on a variety of different topics daily
🎊 Fond of hosting parties? Patrick creates parties at your house before you know you are having a party

On the downside,

✈️ If you despise Top Gun the movie, you may get annoyed with his Top Gun themed ring tones and him randomly belting out Danger Zone with the air guitar.
🐿 If you love rodents, you may get perturbed with Pat’s passion for squirrel chasing
🍖 If you fancy yourself a ladies man, you may wonder about the success rate of Pat’s “Do you want to BBQ at my place” go-to line.

To set up an interview, give Pat or me a call.

♻️Reggie Green