Reggie G is on call this weekend for Team Green

is on call this weekend for Team Green.
You can reach Reggie G at 480-206-5577 ,
You can also always call the Team Green Line at 480-704-4890.
For a few hours this weekend – Josh Hartson is being a trooper and taking my on call duties after 4:00 pm on Saturday.
I have a very important Michigan Wolverine football game and I’m going to see the comedian Nick Swardson.
Josh can be reached at 480-258-5424 ,

Reggie G:

-Sounds like Kenny G without the beautiful permed locks
-Would prefer a light back tickle to a back massage
-Would play golf regularly if every ball didn’t go to the far right (it’s dangerous)
-First concert was Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine – yes I can shake my body and do the Conga
-Loves helping people purchase a home

Have a fabulous weekend, and Team Green is here to help.