Spooky Sales Tips To Market Homes At Halloween

Spooky Sales Tips to Market Homes at Halloween

October 9, 2018 8:50 am

If you are selling your home this Halloween season, you can attract potential buyers by capitalizing on increased holiday traffic in your neighborhood. It’s also an excellent opportunity to talk with your neighbors about friends who are interested in moving into your neighborhood.

Be generous with the candy and use the following techniques to market:

  1. Treats & Info – Children love the treats that Halloween brings. Be prepared to hand out candy to kids, as well as water bottles or adult beverages to parents. At the curb and near your front door, be sure to have fliers about the house, along with information on any “open house” events you plan to host.
  2. Be ready to show visitors your house – Invite interested folks into your home to look around. Have some kid-friendly activities on hand to keep trick-or-treaters busy while parents explore your home. They may not stay long, but they may have time to ask some questions and get a quick overview.
  3. Be conservative with décor – Don’t go overboard when it comes to Halloween decorations. A few festive touches are fine; just leave the inflatables and over-the-top décor for another time. A Halloween wreath and mums and pumpkins on the porch are some great ideas.
  4. Remove decorations in a timely manner – Once Halloween is over, make sure to take your decorations down promptly. Leaving decorations up for weeks after Halloween could devalue your home and make it look unkept.

Ask your Realtor for more marketing tips! He or she will be more than happy to offer advice on staging your home to make the most of the Halloween season. If you are interested in purchasing a home or refinancing, call me to discuss your financing options.

Article provided by Fairway’s team at Motivator – thank you!!