Team Green’s Newsletter – July 2018

July 2018


I hope everyone had an amazing Independence Day and a great July so far.

Interest rates have been relatively stable but are forecasted to rise in the latter half of 2018.

Arizona’s Down Payment Assistance program PATHWAY TO PURCHASE is coming back to life in August.

We discuss these topics and more in Team Green’s July Newsletter.

Have a fantastic July!!


As we’ve discussed in the past – we are seeing 2 things happen right now.

Steady home appreciation in most markets and interest rates that are pretty stable but slowly rising.

This is causing a loss of purchasing power among potential buyers because the payment will go up when:

Rates Rise

Loan Amounts Go Up When Purchase Prices Go Up

With most loan qualifications, you have to make double what you have going out every month.

For example, if you make $5,000 gross per month, we need all payments on your credit report including new mortgage at $2,500 or less.

As mortgage payments go up due to higher rates and higher loan amounts, the amount a borrower can qualify for goes down.

Average interest rates today are mid 4%’s to low 5%’s depending on credit scores, scenario, and loan cost structure.

The average rate is expected to continue to rise through 2018 based on economic factors and the FED’s plan to continue to raise the Federal Funds rate.

If you are thinking about buying or refinancing  – I wouldn’t procrastinate.  We can get you prequalified quickly and team you up with an amazing realtor partner to find your new home.

We can also help you refinance – many home owners are taking cash out of their increased equity in their home for home improvements and to pay off bills.

We are here to help if you need us!!




In better news, Arizona is renewing the Pathway to Purchase Program.

Although the launch date is not set, expectations are for the program to be available in August.

This program allows up to a $20,000 grant for down payment assistance.

Below are some of the details of this product and the areas in which we can use this product.

Call Team Green if you would like to see if you qualify.  


For a no obligation mortgage quote, please call us or go to:







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The big events for the Greens over the past month were our trip to Maui

and the Grand Opening Party of Fairway Independent Mortgage – McCormick Ranch.

It was great to get back to Hawaii after a 2 year hiatus. 

We got some nice relax time and recharged our batteries in our favorite place on earth.















We moved into our new office address in March but the remodel wasn’t finished until June.

Once the remodel was finished, we decided to have a party to celebrate our Grand Opening and we are so grateful for all the well wishes and support.

Thank you!!

Below are some pics from the party.

To view the whole album – click the Facebook Icon below:






We’re true family here and it was great to celebrate our new location with the Team and our family, friends, and partners.

Truly blessed.

I hope you and your family have the best July Ever!!

Please call us if we can help with any home purchase or refinance needs.

We are licensed in AZ, CA, CO, GA, IL, MI, WA, and MI.




Have a fabulous July!!