May 2018 – Team Green’s Newsletter

MAY 2018





Interest rates moved up some in April after staying stable for the majority of March.

We discuss these topics and more in Team Green’s May Newsletter.  Have a fantastic May!!


We’re really trying to enjoy the weather before it gets scorching here in Arizona.

Lots of playing outside along with my son playing baseball 3 times a week.  















I’m lucky that I live a mile from my office so I’ve been skateboarding to work when I don’t need my car for meetings.

Life is pretty good.















My wife got to enjoy 2 weekend girlfriend trips this month to Dallas and Austin – She’s so lucky J

While I also made a quick trip to Salt Lake City for a Manager’s meeting and the last snow board ride of the year.

We also got to enjoy a Gatbsy party for a family member’s birthday.

It was fun getting dressed up 20’s style and my wife looked smoking hot!!









We decided to throw a Country themed week at our branch in April.








The goal was to listen to Country music all day and have some fun with some songs, our dress,   dances, and skits.

We accomplished our goal – check out some of our videos below.




















I’ve always liked seeing funny chalk board signs in front of bars and restaurants.

I liked them so much, I decided to get one of our own and we’ve been having some fun with that too.















Lastly, we are hiring – if you know anyone looking to be a part of a great culture and team, please have them give me a call.

Have a fantastic May!!

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Mortgage rates slowly climbed higher in April after staying relatively stable during the end of February and through out March.

This broader trend is likely to continue which makes waiting to buy or finance a home very costly.

In the Phoenix market – we are seeing a combination of higher interest rates and home appreciation due to low inventory and high demand.

This is a double hit against people entering the home buying market as their payment is going up in 2 ways.

The chart below is a good indication of why we are urging buyers to not wait if they really plan on buying.

**The rates are a bit old but this does give a good illustration of the cost of waiting**



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Have a fabulous May and please call me any time if I can help with anything!!