APRIL 2018 – Team Green Newsletter

APRIL 2018







In April’s newsletter, we discuss my family, current real estate trends and the stabilization of interest rates. 


My son turned 7 on March 14th.  He’s growing up so quickly L

My wife put on a really cool sports themed birthday party in our backyard. 

The kids played preset up games for about 10 minutes and then chaos insued.















Another March – another boy’s Vegas trip in the books for the first week of March Madness.

Always a great week and every year the week after Vegas gets harder on my body.

One of these years I’m going to take some photos.  I came out slightly ahead but I’m not a huge gambler.








It was fun watching my Michigan Wolverines make a run to the Final Four.

I picked the National Championship game but came in 2nd in my bracket.








It’s officially baseball season for McCormick Ranch Little League.

Jack’s been really improving this year which has been fun to watch. 

He also placed 2nd in our first Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby.








Outside of that, we are working hard and trying to enjoy the weather before it get’s too hot.






Have a fantastic April!!

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We continue to see a strong demand for housing with not enough inventory to supply that demand.

This leads to higher home prices and more competition for homes that go on the market.

With rates also rising .625% since the beginning of the year – there is a cost to waiting in a buyer’s purchasing power, down payment and mortgage payment.

For much of the same reasons above, if you want to sell – now is an amazing time.

If we price your home right, the buyer demand will be strong and we should be able to sell your home quickly.

Also, with rates projected to rise further in 2018 – if you need financing for a new home, the faster we get you into a new home the better.



Interest rates moved up slightly last week with the Mortgage Backed Security Market trading down – 30 bps on the week. The move wasn’t much and rates have remained very stable since going up in January and February.

Below are today’s interest rates:



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My team treats every transaction as an audition to earn your business for the rest of your life.

Have an amazing week and we’re always available if you need help with a new home loan purchase or refinance.

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April 2018 Newsletter – Team Green