March 2018 Newsletter – Team Green

MARCH 2018



Interest rates continued to rise in February putting us at multi year highs.

We discuss these topics and more in Team Green’s March Newsletter.  Have a fantastic March!!


Spring is typically a whirlwind for us and this one has turned out no different.

We shipped off to Park City and Salt Lake City to play in the snow.  Utah has had very little snow all year and they got pounded right before we arrived.








We had great snow and some amazing days. 

My wife’s friend Courtney owns a building in Park City with a bar called the Spur and a restaurant called 350 Main.  We really got hooked up.  We stayed at her condo in the heart of main street and were treated like VIPs.  So fun!!







The week after that I was given a free trip to Austin with my cousin.

Austin is so fun – we had some great food and drinks and listened to great music all weekend.








Lastly, we are finally in my new office at:

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. – McCormick Ranch

8390 E. Via De Ventura Blvd, Suite F-204

Scottsdale, AZ, 85258

It’s certainly not finished yet but workable.

It feels good to be there after 10 months of waiting. 

We are hiring Loan Officers and a Transaction Coordinator so if you know anyone looking – please give out my name J

We’re a fun group but we work our butts off every day.

Work hard, play hard.

Please call us if we can help with any home purchase or refinance needs.

We are licensed in AZ, CA, CO, WA, MI, and GA.



Interest rates actually stayed stable last week, which was great news with the recent rise in rates.

The February US Non Farm Payroll report showed higher than expected job growth, which typically would mean negative bond prices and a move towards higher rates. Those things still could happen next week or the remaining part of March as the jobs report is a good indicator of where rates are headed for the month.

In our business, we are still battling sticker shock as consumers aren’t aware of just how much rates have went up in 2018.

Below is my current rate sheet.

And below is my rate sheet from December 2017.

You will see rates are up .625% on 30 Year Fixed loans which is about $75 in payment for a $200,000 mortgage. The reality is that waiting has hurt a lot of people here.

Many consumers wait to buy or wait to refinance for a hypothetical date in the future. Usually the reasoning is they are busy at the moment. We always preach the same message:

If you can refinance and lower your APR and payment at $0 costs – do it. There is no financial downside to that.

If you want to buy, look sooner versus later. Most home markets are appreciating meaning waiting = higher home prices. That along with the recent rise in rates is lowering your buying power with higher loan amounts and higher payments than in 2017.

Have a great week!!


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Team Green is a top 1% originating mortgage team in the country. Everyone on our team has over 13 years of mortgage lending experience.

My team treats every transaction as an audition to earn your business for the rest of your life.

Have an amazing week and we’re always available if you need help with a new home loan purchase or refinance.

TEAM GREEN LINE: 480-704-4890



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March 2018 Newsletter – Team Green