Merry Loansters

Merry Loansters

In April of 2017, I moved into my 300 square foot office thinking I would be there a couple months.  I had recently moved to Fairway and I had myself, my processor Jolyn Anderson about to start, and my production partner Jennifer Patel about to start. 

Fast forward almost a year and we are finally getting out of our hole (although the views were really nice outside of the large piece of bird poop that’s been on the window for 3 months). 

There were some challenges. Loud talkers in a small space – my self made cardboard box wall didn’t have great sound blocking qualities and was viewed as a passive aggressive attempt to show anger towards my production partner.  Recruiting seemed pointless as there wasn’t anywhere to put new loan officers or train staff.  Luckily, none of us were super gassy and we like good music or there could have been problems.

We now have myself, Jolyn, Jennifer, Josh and Erika and two people must always work at home.  Luckily, Jolyn lives in California and never wants to drive in :). 

It’s been a fun claustrophobic ride in our little office on the 3rd floor.  

We made the best of it.

Merry Loansters

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