Interest rates improved last week and are now at about 2 week lows – though rate pricing isn’t a ton different then it was 2 weeks ago.

The Mortgage Backed Security Market closed the week trading up + 46 bps, and closed Monday, November 6th, 2017 up + 9 bps.

There was a ton of news last week but not so much this week.

Jerome Powell was picked by President Trump as the new FED chair. He is generally looked at as a positive for bonds and rate pricing. Learn more about him in this article in the New York Times:


The FED met and did not raise the Federal Funds Rate though they did change their classification of the economy as growing at a solid rate.

The Non Farm Payroll report came out on Friday and job creation came in at 261k versus an estimated 310k.

Republicans released their tax plan and if passed would be the biggest tax change since the 1980’s. Normally this one would be a positive for stocks and bad for rate pricing but there is skepticism that this will not pass without major revisions.

Not much news this week. Rate pricing is neutral right now with not much movement after a lot of major announcements last week.

Below are today’s interest rates.  Have a great week!!


30 year fixed:       3.99% – .99 points (4.2% APR),       4.25% – 0 points (4.29% APR)

20 year fixed:       3.875% – .8 points (4.03% APR),     4.125% – 0 points (4.18% APR)

15 year fixed:        3.5% –  .86 points (3.67% APR),        3.75% – 0 points (3.79% APR)

5/1 ARM:        3. 5% – .99 points (3.69% APR),     3.875% – 0 points (3.92% APR)    

30 year fixed FHA:        3.99% – .90 points (4.87% APR),     4.25% – 0 points (4.95% APR)

15 year fixed FHA:        3.875% – .99 points (4.37% APR),     4.125% – 0 points (4.42% APR),    

30 year fixed VA:        3.99% – .8 points (4.15% APR),     4.25% – 0 points (4.29% APR)

30 year Fixed Jumbo:     4.0% – .99 points (4.19% APR),     4.25% – 0 points (4.27% APR)

7/1 ARM Jumbo:        3.375% – .99 points (3.57% APR),     3.75% – 0 points (3.79% APR)


Have an amazing week and we’re always available if you need help with a new home loan purchase or refinance.

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