TEXT SIGNATURES – An Effective way to brand yourself to potential clients.

TEXT SIGNATURES – An Effective way to brand yourself to potential clients.

I came up in the mortgage business as a lead caller, meaning I was calling potential clients 4+ hours a day and a lot of other lenders were doing the same. I was always looking for ways I could make myself stand out over the competition.

Text signatures are an effective way to get a face and brand out to potential clients.














With texts becoming an increasingly popular way to communicate, I found some of my best initial conversations were done by text. By reaching out to a client by text and adding my picture and branding, it allowed me to put a face and company to the person the potential client was texting with.

The process is easy. Send your text. Immediately afterwords, send your picture text signature and it reads like an email signature would.

If you want us to create one for you, just reach out to me. This is just another way to help you stand out and get your branding to potential clients.

We are one of the few lenders out there that consistently creates consumer direct business through our markeing. I closed over 45 million dollars last year strictly from my own marketing, databasing, social media, blogging, and email newsletters.

Call us if we can help you create a marketing approach that works. We truly add value to our partnerships.


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