Perfect First Loan With Fairway

I just funded my first loan with Fairway and it couldn’t have been more fitting. One of the most gratifying mortgages I’ve closed in a long time, maybe ever.
My prior client was building a home because his mother in law has cancer and they wanted a home with a mother in law suite so they could help take care of her. He went with the builder’s lender due to all the incentives they offered being the builder’s lender. For months the lender said he was qualified and then just before closing they said they couldn’t make the loan work.
Problem – he just sold his home and now had nowhere to live. On February 27th, he called me in a panic to see if there was anything I could do. I restructured the loan taking him and his wife off, putting the loan fully in the mother in law’s name and created an IRA draw for her so the income would work.
Today’s March 10th and we just funded the loan in less than 2 weeks. Keep in mind this is my first loan here – I didn’t get rush favors because I was a top producer for many years.
Awesome feeling and awesome to work for a company that is as committed to customer service and our clients as I am.
Perfect first loan.