Introducing FAIRWAY NOW – An Interactive Home Buying App For You and Your Clients

Fairway Now is our new smart phone application allowing our referral partners and their clients to easily navigate the mortgage process.

A borrower can apply for a mortgage, calculate loan payment scenarios, upload documents, and get real time updates on the progress of their loan, all from the comfort of their smart phone.

Here is how it works:


I cobrand the application with all of your information – head shot, logo, websites.

I then share it with you to download on your smart phone or tablet.

If you have a client you want to share the app with – just log in to the Fairway Now and you can select share ap with a text or email to your client.

Once the customer downloads Fairway Now, they now have a cobranded interactive tool to make the process of applying and completing a mortgage much easier.


Fairway Now allows the customer to:

  • Apply for a home loan directly from their phone. 
  • Calculate payments based on loan amount, rate, taxes, insurance, and PMI.
  • Take pictures of qualifying documents that upload directly to our system.  (This is great for clients without easy access to a scan or fax)
  • We can also update prequalification loan amounts and terms directly from the app. 

Once a contract is accepted and a loan is moving forward:

  • Both the realtor and client get real times updates whenever the status changes on the loan.  Disclosures Out, Submission, Approval, Clear to Close, Funded.


  • The client can also use Fairway Now to upload underwriting approval conditions.


Please email me how you want to customize your Fairway Now Ap.

I can customize the application with:

  • One head shot
  • One company or team logo
  • Up to 2 websites (home search, testimonials, personal page, etc)

Once I have this information I will create your application and share it with you by text.

Once Fairway Now is on your phone, you can easily share the app with prospective clients and get real times updates on the progress of your clients’ loans that use the application.

Fairway Now is a great tool that helps make the mortgage process easier for you and your client.

Reggie Green / Branch Manager and Senior Mortgage Banker at Fairway Independent Mortgage

480-206-5577 ,