Interest Rates Steady After Jobs Report

Interest Rates Steady After Jobs Report

August 2015

Interest rates had an up and down week with large swings in the Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) market in both a positive and negative direction. The MBS market closed last week trading down -2 bps, and also closed Monday down – 24 bps.

30 year fixed rates are now available at 3.99% paying .64 points (4.11% APR), and 4.125% paying 0 points (4.16% APR). 15 year fixed rates are now available at 3.125% paying 1 point (3.32% APR), and 3.375% paying 0 points (3.39% APR). **Priced with 740+ credit score, rate and term refinance at 75% LTV**

The big news last week was the Non Farm Jobs Payroll report which didn’t have much of an effect on interest rate pricing due to the numbers coming so close to investor projections. Investors predicted job creation of 223k and the report showed an increase of 215k. The slightly lower number was positive for interest rate pricing but not by much.

When publicly speaking, most members of the FED are giving the indication that the economy is close to a normal level which will likely result in the FED moving up the Federal Funds rate soon. Greece is still very important in interest rate pricing and a deal is possible with Germany’s approval and Greece following strict conditions. The date set for a possible deal is August 20th.

With recent interest rate improvement – I don’t see the benefits of floating with the risk of rates going up much more likely than interest rate pricing improving significantly.

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Below are today’s interest rates. Have a great week!!


30 year fixed:       3.99% – .64 points (4.11% APR),        4.125% – 0 points (4.16% APR)

20 year fixed:       3.625% – 1 point (3.82% APR),        3.875% – 0 points (3.9% APR)

15 year fixed:       3.125% – 1 point (3.32% APR),        3.375% – 0 points (3.39% APR)

10 year fixed:        2.875% – .84 points (3.04% APR),         3.125% – 0 points (3.16% APR)

5/1 ARM:        3.0% – 1 point (3.2% APR),        3.375% – 0 points (3.41% APR)

7/1 ARM:        3.25% – 1 point (3.45% APR),        3.625% – 0 points (3.66% APR)

30 year fixed FHA:        3.625% – .82 points (4.48% APR),         3.75% – 0 points (4.5% APR),

15 year fixed FHA:        3.125% – .72 points (3.58% APR),        3.375% – 0 points (3.67% APR)

30 year fixed VA:        3.625% – 1 point (3.82% APR),         3.75% – 0 points (3.8% APR)

Today's Interest Rates -August 10th, 2015

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Interest Rates Steady After Jobs Report