Monthly Archives: May 2015

Interest Rate Market Volatility the New Norm

Interest Rate Market Volatility the New Norm Rates continue to be very volatile – with rate pricing changing rapidly based on large swings in the MBS market. That being said, the large swings are evening each other out so the market is not moving that much when looking at it over a longer period of […]

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Increased Volatility for Interest Rates

Increased Volatility for Interest Rates It has been a hectic few weeks for interest rate pricing. Last week – the Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) market traded down for the first 3 days – pushing rates higher in 7 of the previous 8 days. On Thursday and Friday with the disappointing US employment report – interest […]

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Interest Rates Move up .125%

Interest Rates Move up .125% Interest rates had their toughest week in some time last week. The Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) market closed down – 104 bps, pushing rate pricing to their highest levels in over a month. Luckily a huge swing is only .125% higher on the rate. Most economic reports have been coming […]

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