June 10th, 2013

Last week was a volatile week for interest rates. Rates started the week much higher, then rebounded some on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday’s May unemployment report saw rates push higher again. The mortgage backed security market closed the week -44 bps, the 6th consecutive week the MBS market has closed down and rates have risen.

The employment report saw unemployment rise from 7.5% to 7.6%, and private jobs up 135k versus a forecast of 170k. The markets took this news as positive as some expected worse numbers after preliminary reports from other sources. The stock market shot up and rates worsened again.

The long term outlook is that the previous 30 year fixed rates many have become accustomed to are likely gone forever. The markets are still concerned about the FED’s eventual exit from the MBS market and based upon their comments – the end is coming.

This week will likely be uneventful with very little important economic reports on tap. The FOMC will meet next Wednesday.

My recommendation is for customers thinking about shortening their term to a 15 year fixed – I would do that now while the 15 year fixed rates are still very low. I also recommend more customers look into ARM loans if you need to lower your payment.

Make it a great week!!


7/1 ARM at 2.875% paying 0 points


30 year fixed:      4% paying .46 points,      4.125% paying 0 points,       4.25% – $0 costs

20 year fixed:      3.625% paying .90 points,     3.875% paying 0 points,      4.125% – $0 costs

15 year fixed:      3.125% paying .83 points,      3.375% paying 0 points,      3.625% – $0 costs

5/1 ARM:      2.5% paying .7 points,      2.75% paying 0 points,      3.25% – $0 costs

7/1 ARM:      2.625% paying .99 points,     2.875% paying 0 points,      3.375%- $0 costs

10/1 ARM:      3.375% paying .95 points,      3.75% paying 0 points,      4.375% – $0 costs

30 year fixed FHA:      3.375% paying .89 points,      3.625% paying 0 points,      3.75% – $0 costs

15 year fixed FHA:      3% paying .44 points,      3.25% – $0 costs

30 year fixed VA:       3.5% paying .99 points,      3.75%- $0 costs

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