December 26th, 2012

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

Interest rates did not change much over the past week.  The mortgage backed security market closed last week trading down (-3 bps). This week the MBS market is trading up (+6 bps). 

All eyes remain on the fiscal cliff negotiations.  We are getting down to the deadline and the sides still appear to be very far apart.  Congress will reconvene on Thursday and the President will be back from Hawaii on Thursday.

Some insiders still believe a deal will get done, while others are more pessimistic.  Some think that going over the cliff will cause serious economic repercussions, some don’t.  So you are seeing conflicting points of view on all angles of the fiscal cliff.

Going over the fiscal cliff will cause taxes to go up for all Americans, but many believe a tax deal will get done before the new tables are released even if a Fiscal Cliff deal does not get done.  The market is most concerned with the tax rates, as more taxes equals less disposable income to spend on goods and services.   Unfortunately, it appears likely that the issue of deficit reduction and spending cuts will get kicked down the road. 

My personal belief is:

If the Fiscal Cliff or Tax deal get done, rates will go up slightly.

If they don’t, rates will go down slightly.

In other news, the Senate will be introducing bill S3678 this week.  This bill will be voted on before the end of the year.  If it passes, FHA will raise Mortgage insurance premiums again.  The rumored changes are:

FHA raising monthly mortgage insurance premiums .1%

FHA monthly mortgage insurance premiums to continue for life  

If you are planning to start a new FHA loan, or streamline your existing FHA loan – I wouldn’t wait. 

Have a great week!!


30 year fixed:     3.375% paying .40 points,     3.5% paying 0 points,     3.625% – $0 costs

20 year fixed:   3.25% paying .73 points,     3.375% paying 0 points,     3.625%  – $0 costs

15 year fixed:   2.75% paying .26 points,     2.875% paying 0 points,     2.99% – $0 costs

5/1 ARM:   2.25% paying 1 point,     2.625% paying 0 points,     3% – $0 costs

7/1 ARM:    2.5% paying .88 points,     2.75% paying 0 points,     3%- $0 costs

30 year fixed High Balance Loan:    3.5% paying .99 points;     3.75% paying 0 points;    3.875% – $0 costs

30 year fixed FHA:    3.25% – $0 costs

15 year fixed FHA:    2.75% – $0 costs

30 year fixed VA:    3.25% – $0 costs

TR- 12-26-12

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30 Year Fixed Rates remain at 3.375%