December 10th, 2012

Interest rates started off last week lower and then rose near the end of the week. Overall, the mortgage backed security market closed the week trading down (-22 bps). On Monday morning, the MBS market is trading (+ 15 bps).

Rates are very similar across with ARM pricing showing some improvement. The better than expected employment report on Friday caused rates to lose some of the gains from earlier in the week.

The Fiscal Cliff negotiations remain at a standstill with neither side willing to budge just yet. It looks more and more likely that a temporary agreement may go into place pushing this issue down the road yet again. I expect rates to continue to trade in narrow ranges until something of substance happens with the Fiscal Cliff.

This week the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is meeting and is expected to announce a continuation of Operation Twist, which expires this month.

The FHFA announced that they may raise the guaranteed fee (G FEE) for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans again in these states: Connecticut, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey and New York. The FHFA raised the G Fee nationally earlier this year. If this goes into effect, the cost of borrowing in these states will increase and a national G fee increase may be coming.

Have a great week!!


30 year fixed:     3.25% paying .87 points,     3.5% paying 0 points,     3.625% – $0 costs
20 year fixed:     3.25% paying .379 points,     3.375% paying 0 points,     3.5% – $0 costs
15 year fixed:      2.625% paying .94 points,      2.875% paying 0 points,     3% – $0 costs
5/1 ARM:      2% paying 1 point,      2.375% paying 0 points,      2.625% – $0 costs
7/1 ARM:      2.25% paying .9 points,      2.5% paying 0 points,      2.75%- $0 costs
30 year fixed High Balance Loan:      3.5% paying .32 points;      3.625% – 0 points;      3.75% – $0 costs
30 year fixed FHA:      3.25% – $0 costs
15 year fixed FHA:      2.75% – $0 costs
30 year fixed VA:      3.25% – $0 costs

TR - 12-10-2012

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Interest Rates Remain Stable – Fiscal Cliff Talks Stall