November 21st, 2011

The bond market closed another see-saw type week with trading ending at + 6 bps on the week.  Mortgage interest rate pricing has basically stayed the same and I expect more of the same results this week.  Although this is a work shortened week in America, Europe and Asia are business as usual.  There are not any major reports or events on the horizon this week that should raise or lower rates too much.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your family!!

Below are rates available paying a point or less: 

30 year fixed: 3.875% paying 1 point,  4.125% paying 0 points

20 year fixed: 3.875% paying .53 point, 4% paying 0 points

15 year fixed: 3.25% paying .85 points, 3.625% paying 0 points

5/1 ARM: 2.5% paying .78 points; 2.75% paying 0 points

7/1 ARM: 2.875% paying .92 points, 3.25% paying 0 points

30 year fixed High Balance Loan: 4.25% paying 1 point, 4.5% paying 0 points

30 year fixed FHA: 3.75% paying .54 points, 3.99% paying 0 points

15 year fixed FHA: 3.375% paying .66 points, 3.625% paying 0 points

30 year fixed VA: 3.75% paying 0 points


HARP 2.0 is now only two weeks away.  The new guidelines were released this week and below are the MAIN changes. 

REMINDER:  A HARP loan is a product that allows homeowners backed by a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan the ability to refinance their loan at up to 125% of the value with no mortgage insurance as long as they don’t have it currently.  The original loan must have been delivered to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac by May of 2009.  Below are changes that will allow more homeowners to take advantage of this product.

HARP 2.0:

1.)  Starts with applications dated December 1st or later.

2.)  The biggest change – removing the 125% barrier for fixed loans.  There is an unlimited LTV for fixed loans and a max 105% LTV for ARM loans and loans with terms over 30 years.

3.)  Another biggie – eliminates the need for an appraisal or automated valuation model to complete the loan.

4.)  Allows 1 30 day late in the past 12 months – as long as it is not within the most recent 6 months.

5.)  Before, you had to have the same occupancy as when you took out the original loan.  This has now been lifted.  For example, you could not complete a HARP loan on an original primary residence that is now a rental.  Now you can.

6.)  Fannie Mae is removing the waiting periods for short sales and foreclosures for this product.

This program will help the underwater homeowners that have stayed in their home and maintained their payment, to lower their interest rate to the current market levels.  This is a great product, and I think this is a step in the right direction for our industry.


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