On Thursday, mortgage rates dropped to their levels ever!! Monday through Thursday marked a sustained bond rally and the worst week in the Stock Market since October of 2008. The Bond Market finished Thursday +257 bps up, pushing 30 year fixed rates down to 3.75% with little costs. Unfortunately pricing pulled back a bit on Friday with the markets finishing down -88 bps. Overall, this week was an unbelievable week for interest rates and the pricing to get those rates. The market closed up +169 for the week.

So why has there been so much interest rate and stock market movement this week?

Whenever we have statements from the FED, we usually get large movements in the markets. On September 21st, The Federal Open Market Committee and Ben Bernanke announced “Operation Twist” – A new plan of theirs to sell off short term securities and purchase longer term securities. The plan is intended to stimulate the economy by lowering loan rates. After the announcement, the stock market went into a tailspin. The Down Jones finished 400 points down, the bond market closed 150 bps up – and mortgage rates lowered even further.

The rates we are seeing right now are the lowest rates the mortgage industry has ever seen. The interesting thing is that with the bond market movement we are seeing, rates would usually go even lower than they are right now, but there is a level of resistance. Mortgages are just not selling below certain interest rate levels on the secondary market. For example, we are not seeing VA and FHA 30 year fixed rates drop below 3.75%. For the most part 15 year fixed rates are not being offered below 3.25%. If there is not a secondary market to buy these loans, the loans will not be written. 

As always, these really low rates usually don’t last long!! Take advantage of them while they are here.

Below are current rates available paying a point or less. 

30 year fixed: 3.875% paying .5 points, 4% paying 0 points

20 year fixed: 3.75% paying 0 points

15 year fixed: 3.25% paying 0 points

5/1 ARM: 2.5% paying .7 points, 2.75% paying 0 points

7/1 ARM: 2.75% paying .8 points, 3.125% paying 0 points

30 year fixed FHA: 3.75% paying 0 points

15 year fixed FHA: 3.25% paying 0 points

30 year fixed VA: 3.75% paying 0 points

30 year fixed High Balance Loan: 4.125% paying .75 points, 4.375% paying 0 points

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Mortgage Rates Drop to the Lowest Levels in History