Rates Rise to 5.25% then fall back to 4.75%!!

Last week was a wild week.  30 year fixed interest rates went from 4.75% to 5.25% in two days of massive mortgage bond selloffs.  Then on Thursday and Friday the bond market rebounded in a big way, bring rates back to where they started on Monday.  30 Year Fixed Conforming Par rates currently sit at 4.75% , 15 Year Fixed at 4.25% , 5/1 ARMs at 3.375%. 

I often get asked if rates will go back down.  Every analyst / expert I read basically says the same things.  Rates could go a little lower, but we will not see rates back down to 4% again.  The low was hit and is gone.  One thing to keep in mind is this quarter saw a lot of economic reports that exceeded what Wall Street expected.  When the stock market is going up / rates are usually also going up.  Investors are taking their money out of safe treasury bonds and putting them into the riskier stock market.  If the recovery in the stock market and economy continues – rates will continue to go up. 

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