Jennifer Mirigliani – Congratulations on Your Closing

Jennifer Mirigliani – Congratulations on Your Closing

Jennifer, it was amazing working with you and the Schude Group on getting this client’s 2019 started right with a beautiful new home in Mesa.

We loved working with you.  You are truly a rockstar agent and your fun to work with.  We value that a lot.

Congrats again Jennifer and the Schude Group at Revelation Real Estate.

Also congrats to Carrie Persons at Magnus Title, and Matt Potter and Nicole Allen at Stunning  Home Realty.

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Jennifer Mirigliani – Congratulations on Your Closing


Reggie Green is on call this weekend for Team Green

Contact me all weekend at 480-206-5577 ,


You can always call the Team Green line at 480-704-4890 ,

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EXP Mastermind – Scottsdale, AZ

I loved learning from some of the best in the industry at the EXP Mastermind.

Took away some great nuggets and now the implementation begins.

Thank you for the knowledge.

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2019 Goal Week / Fairway McCormick Ranch – Patrick Bowman

2019 Goal Week  /   Fairway McCormick Ranch

Patrick Bowman

TRINA JONAS – Congratulations on Your Closing

TRINA JONAS – Congratulations on Your Closing


It was such a pleasure working with you again getting this Veteran into a Gilbert home to start 2019!!

You care so much for your clients and are always a joy to talk with and work with.

We so appreciate and our grateful for this opportunity.  Love that our Veteran Nate Dillard was able to help another Veteran.

Thank you Trina – you rock!!

Also congrats to Marsha Chacon, Janna Low at Keller Williams Integrity First and Sandy Saro at First Arizona Title.

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Kathy Rios – Congratulations on Your Closing!!

We’re so happy we got to close this vacation home purchase with our awesome partner Kathy Rios at AZ Architecture.  Kathy, you are completely crushing it right now and we are so happy to be aligned with you.

This client closed just in time to enjoy all the awesome events that happen in Phoenix in the Spring.

I know he’s going to enjoy Barrett Jackson, the Phoenix Open, and the Cactus League Spring Training.

Congrats Kathy – you rock!!

Kathy Rios – “The Sun City Queen”


Realtor at AZ Architecture

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If you are going to spend hours away from your family and friends on the weekend, why not spend a few minutes and market yourself more to your open house audience?

Here are some easy ideas you can implement by next weekend to get more exposure for you and your open house.

1.)  Have you or my title company pull 1,500 surrounding residents to your open house.

2.)  In this data you will have name, address, home phone, cell phone, what phones are on the do not call list, and emails.

3.)  Put together an email blast marketing yourself and the open house to the neighbors.
You can easily do this in mail chimp or with your outlook by emailing yourself and blind copying recipients.  Most email servers let you send up to 100 at a time and go through all of them until you email your whole list.   There are usually 400 to 600 emails.

4.)  Slybroadcast the neighborhood and invite them to your open house.  Most importantly brand yourself as an agent.  This is very easy to do and something my team does weekly.  After removing home phones and do not call list, you will usually have 200 to 600 voicemails go out.

5.)  Market yourself and your open house on social media and your own website.
Most of my social media posts start with me posting whatever I’m going to post on my blog at  I then do the same post on Facebook, Facebook page, Instagram, Stories, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ all with a link to my blog.

This does a really cool thing.  A lot of people click on the link to go to my blog from social media which creates new opportunities for me to engage them and also creates organic traffic on my website.  I get 50 to 100 visits to my website daily and I don’t pay any money to market it.  I consistently post content and I consistently send links to it on social media and links in my email marketing.

6.)  Use your partnerships to get more engagement on your open house or other posts.
You probably have partnerships with lending, insurance, property inspectors, home warranty, movers, financial advisors, landscaping, etc.  When you make a post, tag them on your posts to create more exposure for you into their sphere.  Allow them to do the same for you.  Partners should help partners get business.

My business wasn’t built by getting realtors to work with me.  I’ve only recently focused on this aspect of my business.

I built my business on databasing and email/social marketing with similar strategies to the above.  I’ve closed over 250 million in transactions of self originated business with strategies like these.  As with anything that works, it takes discipline and the commitment of doing the same thing every time.  It takes the commitment to do it over a long period of time when you don’t see immediate results.

I hope this added value to your business and have an amazing weekend!!
Team Green is here to help.



The 3 Main Components When Qualifying for a Home Loan

Above are the 3 main components that determine one’s ability to get a home loan.

These generally are credit, debt to income ratio, and down payment assets.

If you have any questions or would like to get prequalified for a home loan – please call Team Green.

We’re here to help.





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